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Creative – check!. Creative that works – check! That’s the difference with Tim – he understands creative needs to look nice but it also needs to speak to the target without compromising the brand. ROI is a constant. We work together in a consulting role for and have experienced the benefit of his mastery of conveying brand position effectively depending on the advertising vehicle. He is one of the most well rounded leaders I have had the privilege of collaborating with.

Concept to implementing operational process and procedures for success – he is a pro! His passion for greatness drives others to achieve more than they may have even thought they could. Lest I forget – he always brings the fun! There is always a positive energy when he is around.

Su-Lin Velin

Marketing Consultant,

Tim has had one of the largest influences on my career of anyone I’ve worked for. He has truly helped shape me as a marketer, artist and advertising creator. Because of his patience and passion for this business, as a manager, he was able to help me to grow and develop my skills exponentially in a relatively short amount of time, and for that I’m truly appreciative. As a manager, he was always even-tempered, patient, focused on the progress of his employees, jovial, and gave his employees room to push the envelope.

Tim’s knowledge of design, layout, color, concept and effective tactics for use in advertising and marketing truly show his experience and would be an asset for any company needed true experience and a seasoned professional.

Besides his existing talents he is also constantly evolving and growing by staying up to date with the latest in technologies, materials/spaces available for advertising, industry standards and tactics, and it is this dilligence that just makes him that much more valuable.

All in all, Tim is an excellent creative, an excellent manager/boss and I would recommend him to anyone in need of one of this industry’s best talent.

Jason Holloway

Creative Director, Navigant Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Tim for 8 years. Tim is not only an incredibly talented creative director, but he also has a keen business sense. He is a driver of process innovations that improve productivity and efficiencies. He is a forward thinker who can mind the details while at the same time see the big picture. As a people manager, Tim is a highly motivational leader who knows how to get the best out of every team member. I recommend Tim without hesitation, he would be a great asset to any organization.

Julie Hanken

Senior Project Manager, YM

I have had the pleasure of working with Tim at the Star Tribune.Tim is a energized highly competent Executive Creative Director who has continued to be ahead of the changes that have taken place in the media industry.Tim has been faced with many challenges due to economic conditions in the industry but has the skills and the ability to take them on and be successful. He is a strong and well respected leader within the industry. Tim would be a fabulous addition to any organization.

Jackie Wallin

Advertising Operations/Sales Professional

Tim was an incredibly creative and brilliant boss. As the creative director at Star Tribune, he pulled together a team of copywriters and art directors that not only got the job done well, we also had a lot of fun working together. He pushed our department to learn how to do great radio and TVā€”things that had always been done by outside agencies. This not only saved the company a lot of money, it also pushed us to be better creatives and enjoy working for him even more. I highly recommend Tim for any creative job.

Beth Wolfe

Freelance Copywrite

Tim Sumption is an effective leader, manager and decision maker. His management of the Sun-Sentinel Marketing dept., has not only had a huge positive influence in my career, but has also led to increases in revenue/readership and awards earned for the Sun-Sentinel. I’ve learned so much during those years under his leadership. He is still the most knowledgeable and personable manager i’ve had to date. Tim’s knowledge of the industry, was able to keep the Sun-Sentinel, not only relevant in a time of steady decline for newspapers, but increasing its circulation numbers and online impressions. I would highly recommend him for any company looking to maintain high department morale and continued financial success in an ever changing marketing climate.

Alex Barrera

Creative Manager, Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino